New agenda ahead for more government constructions

It is likely to be significant when the largest government-owned real estate company, The Danish Property and Building Agency, forges a new path by opting to build a so-called office hub in Odense with load-bearing structures in wood. 20 January 2022 Eight state institutions will move into the house on Lerchesgade when the construction is […]

Large wooden house in central Odense with respect for its surroundings

Among wooden columns, models and buzzing drafting boards, Lone Wiggers, architect and partner at C.F. Møller Architects, outlines the hurdles, experiences and site-specific relationships. 9 December 2021 Together with her team, she has drawn most of the lines that will shape one of the largest wooden tree houses in Denmark: WoodHub in Odense. An office […]

Increased demand for wood benefits the construction industry

The advisory engineering company Artelia (former MOE) has been stimulated by the demand of their client (The Danish Property and Building Agency): The load-bearing structures in the upcoming office building in Lerchesgade in Odense, WoodHub, must be made of wood. 8 December 2021 –When a client makes such specific demands then architects, contractors, engineers and […]

Solid wood solution sets new standarts for construction in Denmark

With their upcoming office building in the center of Odense, the Danish Building and Property Agency will be bidding farewell to what has bound construction together in Denmark for centuries: stone, sand and gravel from our underground. 26 November 2021 Instead, wood will play the leading role as a building material in the six-story building […]