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The Danish Building and Property Agency and NCC Denmark are behind the communication platform The platform is operated by the communication and innovation bureau NXT.


NXT processes your personal data when you use the website. We use cookies to send data to your browser. This is why you need to consent to us registering you. Cookies are not personally data.


If you contact our project secretariat, we will store your email address in our information email so that we are able to respond to your inquiry. We treat the inquiry confidentially, and only pass on your contact information to third parties if necessary, and only with your consent. The information email is used to fulfill our obligations to inform neighbours and stakeholders about the construction process.


You can read here about how we use cookies to register your user data on

We aim to constantly improve and develop This is why we use cookies to gather statistics on how users use the website. We monitor which pages are the most frequently visited, which browsers are used, etc.

Using cookies, we register the following:

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None of this data is personally attributable and will not be passed on to third parties. These are mostly cookies from Matomo. You can read about the privacy policy here: matomo. Matomo cloud host their data in Germany. owns all data.

Cookies are stored for a maximum of 26 months, after which they are deleted automatically.


Data gathered on is used by NXT to improve the site and its contents. If you feel unsure about what we can see, and would like more information, you can contact our data analyst,


A cookie is a passive data file that a website stores on your computer, telephone or the like, aimed at allowing the website to recognise your computer the next time that you visit. It thus simply tracks how www.woodhub is used by the visitor.

Cookies cannot contain a virus or similar programs.

We never gather personal data about your visit to As a visitor to our website, you are thus completely anonymous unless you contact our project secretariat personally. No thanks to cookies? You can find a guide to deleting or blocking cookies here.